Welcome letter

On behalf of the European Ecological Federation I would like to extend a warm invitation to all ecological researchers to attend the 12th EEF Congress. In fact, this meeting could be viewed as the first EEF ‘Congress’: many will remember that in previous years EEF meetings have been known as ‘EURECO’. Our Congress will continue the tradition of EURECO, and so is known as the ‘12th EEF Congress’. In another change, from 2011 onwards, EEF meetings will be held once every two years, rather than every three. We will continue to organise our conferences as joint Congresses with our member organisations as well as with other international ecological societies.

Over the last few years, the EURECO increased in scientific quality and size. Our conferences became important meetings for European ecologists, a place for scientific exchange and symposia demonstrating European–wide scientific projects. We will continue this growth with the EEF Congresses. Our Congresses are  a window onto ecological science in Europe but also a place for ecologists to meet with national and European funding organisations, research institutions and last but not least representatives of the European Commission as well as non-governmental organisations.

The title of our Congress, “Responding to Rapid Environmental Change”, reflects how ecologists are meeting one of the great challenges of the present: how to deal with the impact of global change on ecosystems. The EEF is most grateful to the AEET and SPECO for hosting in 2011 what promises to be an excellent meeting, advancing the science of ecology in Europe and bringing the very best scientific minds together to consider how ecology can contribute to tackling many of the challenges faced by society and the environment across the globe.
Once again, I invite all our colleagues from across Europe and worldwide to join the EEF in Avila, Spain, a beautiful backdrop to what I am sure will be an extremely interesting and successful Congress.

Dr. Stefan Klotz
President of EEF

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 12th European Ecological Congress to take place in Avila (Spain) from 25th to 29th September 2011. The Spanish Association for Terrestrial Ecology (AEET) and the Portuguese Ecological Society (SPECO) will be pleased to have you on board this event. The scientific agenda will include a selection of keynote speakers from different European and American countries to provide exceptional overviews on hot ecological topics of broad interest, and numerous oral communications combined with posters to stimulate exchange of information and ideas on the many fields of ecological research, and conservation and restoration of challenged or degraded ecosystems. Our venue, Avila, is a quiet, small town of medieval feel that was chosen in order to promote scientific discussions after the congress sessions whilst providing several great opportunities for cultural visits and hikes in the surrounding woodlands and mountains .

We kindly ask you to mark these dates on your calendar and to encourage your colleagues to attend this congress. The success of the congress will depend on the participation of all and we are certain that attendants will be given a great opportunity to present their research progresses, meet other experts and keep track of the recent developments in the ever expanding field of ecology.

Prof. Fernando Valladares
President of AEET           


Prof. Helena Freitas 
President of SPECO