The 12th EEF Congress will demonstrate sustainability in action in Avila. It will be a documented industry reference on how to organise a sustainable congress in Spain.

In cooperation with consultants MCI Sustainability Services, we have set the following objectives to guide us:

  1. Measure and reduce carbon emissions
  2. Offset a minimum of 50% of total CO2 emissions generated by the event
  3. Reduce waste to landfill or incinerator: Divert through recycling, composting, reusing or donating a minimum of 50% of waste produced by the venue during the congress
  4. Generate income for the local economy, by contracting a minimum of 60% of suppliers from the city and surrounding areas
  5. Develop a gastronomic offering for the participants that highlights local culture and sustainable growing solutions by using a minimum of 50% from local providers (<160km) and by serving a minimum of 30% organic products
  6. Raise awareness and commitment to improving sustainable business practices within the local meetings industry.

The EEF Congress will take a number of actions to achieve these objectives:

How to participate in sustainable practices during EEF: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Offset

We invite feedback, suggestions and ideas for actions we can take to improve our performance and realize our vision to be a documented industry reference for sustainable event management.