How to reach Ávila from Madrid

By train

There are various types of trains that departure from Madrid destination to Avila: Regional train, Medium Distance train and Talgo (high-range) and Trenhotel (sleeping-car).

All departures from Chamartin train station

 a) Regional train and Regional express

Price per ticket: from 7,40 €

Length: since 1hour 50 minutes to 2 hours

 b) Medium Distance

Price per ticket: 10,05 €

Length: 1hour 30 minutes

 c) Talgo (hign-range) and Trenhotel (sleeping-car)

Price per ticket: 18,80 €

Length: 1hour 30 minutes

There are more than 15 services per day with a frequency that goes from 15 minutes to two hours and half. We kindly recommend you to check at the availability for trains with destination Avila.

How to reach Chamartín Train Station from the Airport


C/ Agustín de Foxá, s/n

28036- Madrid



 See detailed itinerary here:  Airport_Chamartin_Train Station.pdf)

By Bus:

Bus with destination Ávila can be taken at “Mendez Alvaro Bus station” also known as “South Bus Station”. 


C/ Méndez Álvaro, 83

28045 Madrid

914 684 200


 There are 8 services per day with a frequency that goes from 1 hour and a half to two hours and half.

 Price per ticket: 8,70 €

Length:  1hour 20 minutes direct trip. 1 hour 40 minutes if the bus makes stops during the journey.

 Schedule and more information at:

 The bus company “Larrea” is managing in exclusivity the transportation by bus to Ávila.


 How to reach : See detailed itinerary here:  Airport_Mendez Alvaro_South Bus Station.pdf