Ávila is the city where art, gastronomy, culture and nature are celebrated. Ávila is a medieval city, with a distinct architectural and cutlural heritage. Ávila is also a modern city: come and experience it for yourself. “Ávila opens the doors to you”.

Walls, houses, palaces, churches, convents make up the rich artistic heritage of the city. The result of a fruitful historical past carried out by the cultures that lived together here. History, art, mysticism, traditions, gastronomy and nature join together to offer the visitor a rewarding stay in Ávila. The image of a mediaeval city is formed by its walls; in the case of Ávila they are much more than a symbolic representation, they are the monument which explains the city and shapes it.

In the 16Th century, the city reacheds its pinnade, shown both in the civil and religious fields. Nearly thirty remaining houses prove the importance of the nobility and the building activity which took place between the last years of the 15th century and the 16th.

The Ávila of the 16th century is also the city of mysticism and spirituality, with Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada as its best exponent. If a tourist route will be made, it will go from gothic to renaissance, from mannerism to baroque through the life and works of Teresa de Ávila.

Ávila is a place of festivities and traditions. Most of them had a religious nature, but they do not lack a pagan nuance either. Some entertainment activities present in the local usage.

If you decide to come to Ávila, remember to leave enough time for your visit. At different times of the day, the light will be varying and clarifying the architectures of the city. Your route exploring the city can follow the layout of a thematic route, but also it can be disordered, discovering in each street, in each seat, a building, a cornice, a window, a history, a legend, one tasca, any thing that it will invite you to return.


Distance to nearest cities
Madrid: 109,9km
Valladolid: 159,3km
Segovia: 83,7km
Toledo: 178,1km
Salamanca: 102km
Cáceres: 233,2km

Bus station
Avda. de Madrid, 2. Tel.: 920 220 154

Train Station
Paseo de la Estación s/n Tel.: 902 240 202

920 353 545

Autopista AP 51 Ávila-Madrid Nacional 110 Soria Plasencia Nacional 403 Ávila-Toledo Nacional
502 Ávila-Talavera de la Reina
Nacional 501 Ávila-Salamanca

A 110km de Ávila. Tel.: 91 393 60 00
A 120km de Ávila. Tel.: 983 415 400

Ávila Map